what th difference between ado.net & asp.net & .net


anup nautiyal
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Sad Said..

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Rajkiran Said..

i want to say something about 3 difference
1st- ADO.NET means active data object and it mostly used in connection with front end and back end data base
means we have to make one project and i want to stored some data in our project and that time i need data base to stored the data .
how to show the data in our project ?
1st important is ADO.net to connect with our database to our front page then we can show our data.
the connection class is connection string format and we can do something by deleting ,updating and inserting the data .
ASP.NET means Active server page it is started from Microsoft to Dynamic web page to make our web application

Lobo Said..

Jennifer,I was thinking the same thing wihnisg I could like the posts and comments on this blog. It gives me hope to read this when I feel like we are bombarded with so much bigotry and close-mindedness. There are more empathetic people out there than we realize.Libby

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