SQL Server Profiler Features and Tasks?

What is the use of SQL Server Profiler? What facilities does it provide to developers?

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SQL Server Profiler enables you to capture a workload of activity on your server. A workload contains a list of customizable events and, for each event, a customizable set of data columns that represent attributes about the events you choose. Reviewing activity in the form of a workload is only part of the power that SQL Server Profiler offers.

You can also replay workloads, tune workloads, and correlate those workloads with System Monitor Performance Counter logs to get an accurate view of system load and stress. The updated SQL Server Profiler maintains a similar look and feel to the former SQL Server 2000 Profiler, yet makes complex trace event, element, and filtering option selection easier than in previous versions of the tool, despite the fact that it has even more trace options.

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